Rhuddlan – a town steeped in history

Today was a beautiful day – with frost covering the ground first thing, a cloudless blue sky and brilliant sunshine.  A perfect day to drive down the Vale of Clwyd to visit Rhuddlan. I love the view approaching the small town of Rhuddlan across the River Clwyd. The imposing castle perched above the banks of the river is a magnificent sight.  Rhuddlan Castle – one of the ‘Iron Ring’ of castles built by King Edward 1 to control the Welsh – never fails to impress.

On the other side of the bridge entering Rhuddlan is the beautiful and ancient St Mary’s Church – a double-nave church, typical of the Vale of Clwyd.

A walk round the town reveals many fascinating things. There’s the site of the reputed Parliament Building, where the Statute of Rhuddlan was created in 1284 introducing English common law to Wales.  Then there’s a rather hidden mound which is the remains of the earlier castle – known as Twthill. Rhuddlan is certainly well worth a visit.

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